Mobile Application

Key Features:

Booking Sessions!

Users have the ability to book different classes and sessions through the app. They have the choice between selecting group sessions, yoga classes and one one one private lessons.

Before booking users are presented with general information about the classes, such as the times and class level along with a detailed description of the class. As well as information about the trainer. Once sessions are booked users are able to view the upcoming sessions through their profile, and also have the ability to cancel or reschedule their currently booked sessions.

Meal Planning!

In order to help users with their dietary side of their health, meal based features are implemented into the application. These include recipe based tutorials as well as a meal planning system.

Users are then able to select a meal in which they are interested in to learn more information, including ingredients, step by step directions, or video tutorial. Along with this users are also able to make a meal plan, by selecting the add to meal plan button on any of the meals available on the app.

Exercises Tutorials!

Many users stated that they use tutorials as a way of learning and discovering new exercises to use at the gym. However, they find it hard to find ones in which are suitable for their level of experience at the gym.

Therefore tutorial based exercises are implemented into this application, with the ability for users to filter them based of their level of experience. Along with this users are presented with directions and video demonstrations on how to correctly execute the exercises. Along with tips to increase the level of difficulty, and safety tips when approaching this exercises.

Socials and Rewards!

In order to make the app more engaging for the users, both social and reward based features were implemented. Users are able to add friends on the app, allowing users to see their friends progress. As well enabling users to chat with one another, about their exercises, or recommend different gym classes to one another.

Another element of the app in the ability for users to gain rewards for their exercises progression. For example users can unlock rewards for doing a particular exercises. Using the rewards tab users can see their current progression towards unlocking different app rewards.

Progress Report!

Many users stated that they found going to the gym difficult to maintain, especially when they are not able to see results. Hence the use of a progress feature is presented in the app.

With the use of the progress report system in the app, users are able to see even the smallest of results and progress to their gym workouts. Users can click on a specific reports, in order to see more detailed analysis for that particular piece of progression with the use of different graphs. Users can then click on particular points on the graph to see further information.

Project Goals

help users book different gym sessions in order to help them learn new exercises routines.

Provide users with daily updated progress reports in relation to their physical and dietary activity.

Help users get a better understanding of daily dieting and more importantly creating meal plans.

Help users find new exercises in which are suitable for their level of experience at the gym.

Assist users in find insightful information about the Get up and Go gym facility.

Research Methods

User Interviews
User Scenarios
User Experience Maps
Prototyping/User Testing

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